Champagne Pampas Grass
Champagne Pampas Grass

Champagne Pampas Grass

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•LOCAL PICK UP ONLY• Will be at the Summer Love Market at CCBLOOM in Armstrong Aug.6 

Cheers to charmingly preserved pampas with delicately toasted tones that capture the enchanting effervescence of a sparkling glass of champs. These beauties are the belle of the ball, a true showstopper, so go ahead and feel fancy with our fullest and fluffiest pampas. 

Quantity: Price is per stem. (Recommend 3-6 stems)

Colour: Champagne

Total length: 44-48” 

Styling Tip: Place in a jug vase, line the isle of a wedding, or use for a photo shoot. The wider the mouth of the vase, the more pampas you will need!