All the Insects in the World Book
All the Insects in the World Book

All the Insects in the World Book

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Imagine you shrank to the size of a penny and walked around outside. You might see a river of ants, a swooping dragonfly scooping up a mosquito, or a buzzing bumblebee hovering over a flower, sipping sweet nectar. You might even see a twig staring back at you with its eyes. And if you look closely, you’ll see the world transform before you into a busy, bustling domain of insects. ''What would I see if I looked really closely?'' asks Caterpillar. Join Caterpillar on its journey through the insect world, discovering fascinating facts, leading to one huge -- and transformative -- discovery about itself.

  • Ages 3 to 8.
  • Full color picture book.
  • Hardcover with dust jacket.
  • 8-3/4'' wide x 11-1/4'' high.
  • 32 pages.

David Opie holds a BFA and MFA in Illustration and lives with his wife in Connecticut. His previous books, All the Birds in the World and All the Fish in the World have received multiple starred reviews.